The GUILD+FACET product development team works with you to take your idea from sketch, CAD or model, and turn it into a consistent, fully engineered product ready for manufacturing. Whether working on the original production run, or helping to optimize designs you already have in production, the product development team works with you to ensure product excellence using our state-of-the-art technology and leading industry project management team.


Art meets technology. As jewelry making enters the twenty-first century, GUILD+FACET's CNC team uses leading edge technology, such as advanced CAD-CAM and precision robotics to work with designers in developing product fabrication techniques that allow our clients to design faster, manage projects precisely, test, and machine faster than ever. Whatever the project, GUILD+FACET CAD-CAM offers artistic modules that can be added to any machined product to create amazing artistic CNC parts and complete products.


Using the expertise gained over 25 years, the GUILD+FACET Casting & Injection Molding team utilizes best-in-class technologies from diverse industries to bring your designs from mold to production. The team ensures high quality in the process, delivering a highly consistent end product. Capabilities include direct casting of Envision technology, Asiga Super CAST Material, Ransom & Randolph Plasticast, Standard Resin Gypsum Casting, Wax Set Investment Casting, Direct Casting Platinum, Dental Type Investments for Resin casting including Oxyphosphate bonded investment and much more.


GUILD+FACET Precision's team of tool & die makers, metal fabricators and stamping experts can transform metal by shaping it, cutting it and forming it to meet your aesthetic needs. This team is just one of many GUILD+FACET teams that work together to bring the highest quality to market.


The GUILD+FACET jewelry team consists of artisans experienced in bringing your designs to production. The jewelry team works very closely with our product development team to ensure that your exact design requirements are reproduced without compromise.


GUILD+FACET's team of advanced setters are experienced in using microscopes and other technologies to provide advanced setting capabilities including prong, bezel, pave and micro pave while working with all types of precious metals.
GUILD+FACET years of hands-on precision expertise allow for advanced skill to a variety of setting tasks. Our capabilities include: prong, bezel, pave, micro pave, channel and gypsy while working with all types of precious metals. Expect only the highest quality setting results.


Whether it is tumbling, electroplating or polishing, the GUILD+FACET mass finishing team is stocked with experienced professionals to ensure a finished product that is best in class.
At GUILD+FACET our polishing team is experienced in all aspects of lapping, buffing, tumbling, electroplating and high-polish of surface finishes to ensure a product that is best in class.


The quality control team is focused on continuous improvement. Attention is paid to refining GUILD+FACET's processes and procedures to ensure that customer designs are produced reliably and consistently. The GUILD+FACET quality control team is in the process of obtaining ISO approval for GUILD+FACET's systems. For those new to ISO, this is a global quality standard that applies to various industries like electronics, automotive and aerospace. Needless to say, GUILD+FACET caters to a global market so its only fitting that GUILD+FACET has a global standard as a benchmark.


Sometimes there’s no substitute for the charm, warmth and personality evident in fine hand engraving. In our technologically advanced environment GUILD+FACET is proud to offer Hand Engraving as one of our many services. For those who insist on warmth, individuality and uniqueness of the human touch in the technique of hand engraving, our engravers are among the best. GUILD+FACET's team of skilled engravers can provide unique hallmarking capabilities by using state-of-the-art laser technology while still preserving old-world charm and elegance.


The enameling team applies their expertise when modifying various jewelry designs by keeping an eye towards aesthetic charm and guaranteeing timeless quality. Our skilled enamelers create some of the most elaborate enamel designs you’ll ever find on jewelry and antiques. Using a seemingly infinite variety of color combinations, including the technique of see-through enameling process, the enameled jewelry burst into vibrant works of art.


Our one-on-one approach and guidance will help you go through every step of the jewelry creation process and actually making the first prototype - all without adding extra steps. After you are done with the design process, we will recommend supplies and services for your production, based on each individual project.